Basic Safety Tips and Strategies to Teach your Kids

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  • Memorize their name and address including City, Province and Country
  • Be able to use both push-button and dial telephones to make emergency, local and long distance calls and to reach the operator
  • To check in with you or a neighbor immediately after arriving home
  • To never go into your home if a door is ajar or a window is broken
  • How to work your home’s door and window locks and to lock them when they are at home alone.
  • How to arm and disarm your alarm system along with your password
  • To never go into anyone else’s home without your permission.
  • Never to go anywhere with another adult, even one who says you have sent him or her. Adopt a family code word to be used if you have to ask a third party to pick up your children
  • To avoid walking or playing alone.
  • That a stranger is someone neither you nor they know well.
  • That if they are being followed either on foot or by car, to run to the nearest public place or neighbor.